What is a QR Code and what can you do with it?

Digital Focus • 3 Comments

QR code is short for ‘Quick Response’ code (they can be read quickly by a cellphone). That’s what’s so great about them.

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Attracting the twentysomething worker

People Focus • 4 Comments

I came across this article from Fortune Magazine, and, as an unashamed Gen Y, it was such a great read, so I thought I’d share a few...

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Hitting the road with Momentum and Big Heart 750

Digital Focus, Our News • One Comment

The DigitLab team recently had the chance to work with Momentum on their Big Heart 750 initiative......

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The internet world in 60 seconds

Digital Focus • 4 Comments

I was recently at a presentation where the presenter showed us this graphic. The graphic reveals a few interesting insights that we have been speaking about with our clients over the last year or so.

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Wooing search engines with fresh content

Digital Focus • 5 Comments

Wake up and smell the fresh coffee! Or in this case, the fresh content......

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Recruitment perks of a premium profile on LinkedIn

Digital Focus • 2 Comments

LinkedIn is without a doubt the leader in electronic recruiting....

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DA dominates in digital space

Digital Focus • 3 Comments

The second formal website benchmarking survey of South African political parties was released today by World Wide Worx.

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Banner advertising stats not matching Google Analytics?

Digital Focus • One Comment

I wrote about this on my blog a few weeks ago but thought it was worth sharing with our DigitLab clients. We often have clients asking why...

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Is Obama thinking web 3.0? Are creating the connection?

Digital Focus

Looking at the current Top websites visited in South Africa I was just blown away again while watching the Q&A session with Barack...

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A Difficult Day Without Shoes

Our News • One Comment

It seems flippant to say that I found going without shoes for one day incredibly difficult.

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