People Are Talking About Your Brand,

But Do You Know What They’re Saying?

Our Brand Audit lets you listen to conversations about your brand that take place online. This helps you make strategic decisions about your business, brand and your marketing campaigns.

The analytics allow us to measure your online presence and compare this to your industry competitors. This allows us to recommend the best possible online strategy going forward and ensures that the image of a particular brand on the internet positive.

The report will be customised to track and analyse the clients’ specific KPIs and marketing objectives. This Brand Audit report requires an ORM software license in order to run analyses.

“Having DigitLab on board has enabled Nedbank to have a completely independent view on our brand from our community’s perspective.”

– Craig Smee. Head of Digital Communications, Nedbank

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What A Brand Audit Report Includes:

How is your brand perceived in the digital?

Online community analysis of your brand and competitors.

Conversation trends from your customers.

What are your customers satisfied with?

Social conversation sentiment of your brand and competitors.

Digital brand content evaluation report.

What are your customers' biggest pain points?

News conversation sentiment of your brand and competitors.

Strategic recommendations.

Online News and Social Mentions for your brand.

Conversation volume and top conversations across Social.

Action points and future goals.

Digital Brand Analysis

Professionals in Digital Brand Analysis we cover your Online Reputation Management (ORM), Competitor Analysis, Brand Reports and Crisis Management Planning.

Data Aggregation Software

LinkBundle offers you real-time reporting which helps you turn your statistics into actionable insights, instantly. Combining traditional and digital media tracking, competitive intelligence and live dashboards. Find out more here.

Search Engine Analysis

DigitLab is a preferred Google Partner and we provide in-depth reporting and analysis on your search engine presence. Find out where you stand, how your competitors are doing and what you need to do to improve.

Campaign Measurement

Digital marketing allows ease of tracking results and measurement. With tools like Pulsar, the impact of your campaigns can be measured alongside your KPIs and show opportunities to improve and develop a stronger brand association with the customer.

We work with any ORM software

Whether you’re already have a software license in place or need us to arrange a supplier for you, we are able to work with your choice. These are a few of our favourite suppliers in Online Reputation Management Software