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The Simple Dashboard Solution

Everyone should have all their metric in one place instead of spread across 30 different reports.

We deliver our research in digital dashboards that help marketers be agile and responsive. We integrate directly with your analytics platforms and reports in these dashboards to create one unified report that keeps your whole team on the same page. Our reports are short and to the point, giving you precisely the information you need and none of what you don’t. In essence, we designed how we deliver based on your exact needs.

The Integrated Data Solutions

Some businesses need to integrate and understand mass volumes of data from various environments. The need to overlay their Google analytics on top of the internal sales data, then correlate that with stock levels in the POS, as an example.

We will work with you to bring all this together to design a data integration and dashboard solution that breaks down these data silos and brings actionable insight into your business. As a Consulting Partner for AWS, we can bring some of the biggest and most powerful technologies to the table to handle the data volume and processing workload.

You may have 1 000 data points available to you in your business, but can you understand what they mean by glancing at them? Can you make a decision based on what that data tells you? Do you immediately see your return on investment?

At Digitlab, we understand which data is right for you to focus on. We merge silos, flesh out essential data sets, and then contextualise it all to your specific circumstances to offer you reporting tailored to your business objectives and, more importantly, allow you to make swift and impactful business decisions.

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