Digital Brand Audits

You might know that people are talking about your brand, but how do you know exactly what they’re saying? Our Digital Brand Audits let you listen to online conversations about your brand.

This insight is key in shaping the strategic decisions about your business, brand, and campaigns that you run. Your report will be customised to your brand – allowing you to see the breakdown of your specific KPIs and marketing objectives and your progress towards them. These Digital Brand Audits require an online reputation management software license in order to run these analyses.

Don’t leave building trust with your audience to chance, allow us to audit your brand!

Competitor Audits

Competitor Audits help you track who your competitors are, what messaging they are pushing and what makes them more visible online. 

The goal is to uncover what is working for other brands in your industry so that you can stay ahead of the competition or adopt similar successful strategies. Obtaining the right data about your competitors and comparing it against your brand’s data will assist you in making more strategic decisions whilst gaining a competitive advantage. 

You can discover new marketing channels, identify what customers truly want and ultimately develop that one things that sets your brand out from the crowd.

Website Audits

There are numerous factors that affect your website’s visibility in search engines.

We take all of them into consideration when conducting a Website Audit – since ranking higher increases the likelihood of getting more visitors to your website. This audit goes hand-in-hand with our SEO service offering, where we can suggest action points based on areas where your website can improve and implement those changes.

These audits help you create a better browsing experience on your website and direction on how to increase visibility in/on search engines.

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Last modified: June 5, 2020

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